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Bellís already popular 407 is the long awaited successor to its Jet ranger and Long Ranger Light singles. Development work on Bellís new Light Aircraft, which will be the replacement for the Long ranger and Jet Ranger, goes back to the year 1993. The result was 407 and charismatic evolutionary development of the Light Ranger. A modified 206L3 Long Ranger served as the concept demonstrator 407 and first flew in this form on April 21 1994, whereas 407 was first publicly announced at the Las Vegas HeliExpo in January 1995.

Compared with the Long Ranger, the 407 feature the four blade main rotor, which uses the composite construction and the blades and the hub have no life limits. Benefits of the four blade main rotor include improved performance and better ride comfort.

Description : Helicopter Crew : 1
All up weight : 2381 (in Kgs) Seating Capacity : 6
Type of Engine : Turbine Engine No of Engines : Single
Category : Passengers



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